COVID-19 Relief Loan Scheme 2.0 for existing Customers of KFC in MSME, Healthcare and Hospitality Sector

  • The Corporation has introduced a new Working Capital Term Loan Scheme ‘COVID-19 Relief Loan Scheme 2.0 for Existing Customers of KFC in MSME, Healthcare and Hospitality Sector’, where additional loans up to 20% can be allowed.

Sl No


Scheme Details



-To meet the liquidity issues due to second wave of COVID-19
-To build up current assets, to meet operational liabilities and restart the business



-Existing customers of the Corporation in the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism and Leisure & Sporting sectors.
- All existing customers of the Corporation in MSME Sector and Healthcare sector (excluding, Quarries, crushing units, Contractors and CRE)
-All accounts of the unit should be in standard category as on 31.03.2020 with the Corporation.


Maximum Loan amount

Maximum of 20% of the total disbursed amount in all the live (as on loan sanctioning date) TLs, WCTLs and STLs of the unit, with the Corporation, excluding loans provided under ‘COVID 19 Relief Loan Scheme for Existing Customers of KFC’.

Units availed loan under ‘COVID 19 Relief Loan Scheme for Existing Customers of KFC’ will also be eligible for the Relief Scheme 2.0 loan, provided such accounts are in standard category as on 31.03.2021. In such cases, the total sanctioned amount of COVID-19 relief loans should not exceed 40%.



Maximum of 72 monthly instalments, including a moratorium up to 24 months. The promoter should service the interest portion during the moratorium period.


Interest rate

As per Interest Rate Policy



Extension of charge over the existing mortgaged securities, subject to the condition that resultant minimum overall ACR, with latest available valuation, shall not fall below 1.


Processing fee and upfront fee

As per the Circular for other income. The full processing and upfront fee shall be adjusted in first disbursement.



Disbursements shall be done in three instalments, after assessing the requirements of the borrower in each quarter of the FY 2021-22.
However, Disbursements can be done in single instalment, where the promoter maintains DSRA for seven months for all live loans.

  • Steps to be followed by the Customers to get the benefits.
    • The eligible customers shall submit the loan application online at (see Apply Online menu) before the time frame mentioned at (c).
    • The loan will be sanctioned to eligible customers within 15 days of registering the loan application.
    • The scheme will be valid up to 30.09.2021.
    • The Corporation has also extended the validity of the ‘COVID-19 Relief Loan Scheme 1.0 for existing Customers of KFC’ up to 30.06.2021.