Consultancy Division


KFC aims at enhanced Customer Satisfaction through Professional Management, Team Work and Continuous Improvement. Now as part of diversification, the Kerala Financial Corporation has set up KFC Consultancy Division with a view to render excellent Consultancy Services to our Clientsas a Total Solutions provider including training.



KFC - Consultancy Division seeks to bring together experts from the Government, industry, academic institutions, other related organisations to evolve, develop and supply quality Consultancy Services.

Kerala Financial Corporation is already dealing with the prestigious business houses in Kerala and has got excellent liaison with the Government, Academics, Management Associations and Social Organisations. We already have a full fledged, furnished offices ith all facilities and manned by professionals, in all districts of Kerala. Further we have a panel of dedicated expert consultants who have spent quality time in India and abroad. We can provide our clients with expert consultancy and training programmes, designer made to suit their requirements.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of KFC -Consultancy Division is to become an important partner in our client's growth and to assist them with a Dynamic Expert Consultancy forum tailored to their needs Our mission is to make Management Consultancy easily available to all needy industries/ organisations in Kerala and to provide reliable, fast, effective consultancy services at minimum cost for the clients to achieve high growth, fulfilling their visions and dreams.

Core Areas of Management Consultancy that
we can provide: Industrial Solutions

  • Valuations of Assets.
  • Appraisal of Project Reports.
  • Operational Analysis of Industries.
  • Preparation of Project Proposals.
  • Preparation of Rehabilitation Proposals.
  • Winding up proposals.

Financial Solutions

  • Cost Analysis.
  • Financial
  • Management.
  • Due diligence analysis.
  • Comprehensive Financial Engineering.
  • Operations Research.
  • Analysis and Assessment of Financial Statements.
  • Financial Restructuring.
  • Implementation & Accounting Systems.

Marketing Solutions

  • Market Potential Assessment.
  • Marketing Strategies & Designs.
  • Communication Strategies & designs.
  • Marketing Audit & Appraisal.
  • Pricing Strategy.
  • Market Research & Product Launching.

Technology & Manufacturing

  • Technology Selection.
  • Technology Audit.

Non Profit Sector Management

  • Supporting the formation and Management of Non-Profit Organisations.
  • Designing and Implementing CSR Strategies.

Man Power Solutions

  • Search and Recruitment Advice.
  • Placement of Consultants
  • Placement of Personnel.
  • Manning Cost Preparation.
  • Human Resource Audit.