Corporate Social Responsibility

At KFC, we believe that contributing value back to the society is our responsibility. To make a difference to the world outside, KFC has started a number of initiatives by stepping out from the traditional operational area to the vast arena of Corporate Social Responsibility.


Inline with the decision of the Government of India to up grade 1396 Industrial Training Institutes across the country, KFC has taken up the Women's ITI, Kozhikode to make it a Centre of Excellence. KFC is designated as the 'Industry Partner' for this venture and Chairman of the Institutes Management Committee, which oversees matters such as selection of trainees, arranging training for the faculty, appointment of contract / guest faculty, facilitating on the job training's, development of curriculum, improving the infra-structure and other such matters it deems essential for the development of the institute.On completion of course, placement assistance will be given to successful students, in the units financed by The vast and varied intellectual capital and other KFC.such accomplishments acquired by the Corporation over the past 55 years will be utilized for empowering the trainees and make them more employable.

The launching of the Corporate Social Responsibility Cell (KFC-CARE) is the first act of social responsibility commitment being undertaken by any SFCs in India and any public sector undertakings in Kerala. This reflects our social commitment and concern for the society. Our aim is to make a qualitative difference in the lives of the people by creating innovative solutions and delivering extra ordinary results.